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Introducing Two Larks Productions, your female-led team for music production, arrangement, and project facilitation.

We offer a supportive and creative environment to bring your music to life.

Launched in May 2024. Founded by Iona Catherine & Natalie Dalcher.

Our Services


We specialise in services related to music production, arrangement, and project facilitation.

We can offer these as individual options, or seamlessly bundled together. Tap or click below to find out more.

Why Us


What makes us different

Navigate through the slides below to read all about what makes us unique, from our female-led ethos, to our focus on providing a supportive and creative musical environment.

Our Ethos

Utilising years of combined musical experience, our female-led projects are creative and high quality, and represent an alternative perspective. We provide a creative and caring environment for your music projects to come to life.​



Recent featured projects

We launched in May 2024. Click or tap on the tiles below to listen and to find out more about each project completed so far.


Our story and who we are

At Two Larks Productions, Iona and Natalie bring their passion for music. With years of experience in music, this duo is committed to bringing a unique and fresh perspective to every project they take on.

Iona and Natalie met at Goldsmiths, University of London, where they were both studying masters degrees in music. As their friendship grew, the idea for Two Larks Productions formed.

They recognised a need for a music production team that prioritises both creativity and wellbeing. In an industry often fraught with challenges around accountability and communication, they aim to provide a supportive environment which prioritises creativity and care in equal measures. Informed by the latest music industry studies, they ensure those they work with feel empowered and inspired every step of the way. View the studies they've been inspired by here.

Natalie and Iona both thrive on musical expression. Natalie loves to experiment with combinations of instruments and creating different textures in her arrangements and orchestrations. Whilst Iona finds joy in putting together unique sonic identities and capturing the best out of studio performances in her music production. Listen to our portfolio here.

Iona and and Natalie, the founders of Two Larks Productions

Who is Iona? (she/her)

Iona is a music producer and violinist based in London. She is also currently an assistant studio engineer at Goldsmiths Music Studios. Iona has worked on a wide range of projects including albums, film scores, radio soundtracks, live shows, and more. Clients include Bill Dare, Sophie Kamlish, Goblin, Ehsan Imani, BBC Radio 4, GB Rowing, and Jon Culshaw. She has a masters degree in Popular Music. Check out her website here.

Who is Natalie? (she/her)

Natalie is an arranger, singer and conductor based in London. She has created bespoke arrangements for ensembles including choirs, orchestras and jazz bands. As a performer, she has worked with the BBC, English National Opera and Opera Holland Park. She has a masters degree in Music Performance.

Who We Are




Where are you based?

We're based in London but also can work with you remotely on Zoom.


Which studios do you use?

We often use the spaces at Goldsmiths Music Studios to record - Iona currently works there as a studio engineer.


How much do you charge?

Every project is unique and has different requirements. Please contact us or fill out our questionnaire to arrange a consultation and quote.


Can I work with other people as well?

Yes, absolutely. We're happy to fit into any existing project and/or with other collaborators. Just add the details into your questionnaire.


I have more questions!

No problem. Get in touch via - we'd love to hear from you!


Sophie Kamlish, Animator

“Working with Two Larks productions has been a very positive experience for me, as an animator who isn't very musically inclined. My projects have been enhanced by their skills and talent."

Anonymous, Songwriter

"Iona was a very considerate, attentive, and generous collaborator. My music felt well looked after in her hands. I felt comfortable to express my needs, and also learned a lot from her expertise. Overall, it was a professional, warm, and positive experience!"


Fill out our questionnaire to share your project with us.


Or get in touch via


The latest news from Two Larks Productions


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